To sell a home you need great real estate photography! To ensure you get the best photos, homeowners or a professional stager need to "stage" the home. Staging the home reduces clutter and makes the home presentable for sale.

Please ensure the following tasks are complete before I arrive for the photo shoot.


·Clean the whole house. 

·Ensure all lighting (overhead lights and lamps) are turned on

·Replace all burned out light bulbs. Ensure all bulbs are of the same temperature (All incandescent, All LED or All compact fluorescent)

·Ensure all electronics (Ceiling fans, TVs & Computer screens) are turned OFF 

·Hide all trash cans

·The refrigerator doors needs to cleared of all magnets, artwork, calendars and other paper

·Open blinds/window treatments to let in natural light

·It is advisable to remove or replace all personal photos. Replace with general or landscape photographs

·Ensure all beds are made and tidy.

·Remove all small floor rugs to show the actual flooring.

·Clothing (shoes/jackets) need to be placed in closets out of sight.

·Remove all toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc.). Place them out of sight in a closet or cabinet.

·Hide all items related to your pets (toys, beds, litter boxes, food, etc.).


Close all garage doors

Move cars out of the driveway and front of home

Landscaping, mow the lawn, trim shrubs, clear leaves and debris from lawn

Remove toys, sports balls, basketball goals, soccer goals, etc.

Clean all porches, outdoor tables/chairs/cushions should be tidied up, pillows/cushions should be fresh, not fade

Remove kid's toys, bikes, balls, frisbees, etc. from lawn and driveway

If you have a pool, turn on fountains and water features

Remove visible water hoses and lawn equipment

Remove or hide trash and recycle cans

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